Full Name
Shawn Tarter
Job Title
Company Name
RealTime Reservation
Speaker Bio
Shawn Tarter is President and Founder of RealTime Reservation, an organization that provides real-time inventory management reservation software to the hospitality/travel industry. With a passion for innovation and customer satisfaction, Shawn embarked on a transformative journey in the realm of real-time inventory management reservation software.

Having identified untapped potential in numerous properties, Shawn's vision was crystal clear: he aimed to empower hotels with tools that not only enhanced the customer experience but also bolstered client satisfaction and loyalty. In 2015, he laid the foundation for his entrepreneurial aspirations by establishing Ipalapa Corporation, a venture that would eventually evolve into the powerhouse known as RealTime Reservation in 2018.

Under Shawn's leadership, RealTime Reservation embraced the vibrant and dynamic culture emblematic of startup companies. Fueled by innovation and exceeding customer's expectations, the company navigated the challenging landscape of the global pandemic with resilience and determination. Despite the business climate, RealTime Reservation experienced remarkable growth in sales and revenue, a testament to Shawn's strategic acumen and the dedication of the entire team. “We are fast-moving, responsive, collaborative and relevant.”

Today, RealTime Reservation stands as a beacon of innovation, employing a diverse team of fifty professionals spanning across development, R&D, client services, administration, sales, and marketing. This diverse and talented workforce, united by a shared vision, forms the backbone of the company's success.

With a client base exceeding 500, RealTime Reservation has become synonymous with efficiency and reliability in the hospitality and travel sector. Shawn's commitment to excellence, coupled with his ability to seize opportunities amidst challenges, has propelled the company to unprecedented heights. His entrepreneurial spirit continues to inspire not only his team but also the industry, shaping the future of hospitality technology and setting new standards for customer satisfaction.