For 19 years, Hospitality Technology magazine has presented Hotel Visionary Awards to lodging companies for their outstanding achievement, vision, and leadership in technical innovation.

Technology's impact continues to expand and now touches nearly every transaction along the guest journey, and every aspect of hotel operations.

Nomination deadline: Sept. 6, 2024

Presented LIVE by
HT Magazine at
Hotel Technology Forum!

The Hotel Visionary Awards will take place on  November 19, 2024 at the Hotel Technology Forum (HTF), Rancho Palos Verdes, CA.

Finalists will be notified and announced in October 2024, and winners will be announced live at HTF!

2024 Award Categories:

Hotel Visionaries Expand!

More than ever before, hotel executives in a wide range of roles are involved in the technology ideation process.

Technologists are joined by leaders in marketing, revenue management, guest experience and more to source, architect, and optimize business solutions that drive revenue, improve operations, deliver winning guest experiences, and empower the workforce.

To recognize these inspiring stories from across the industry, The Hotel Visionary Awards are expanding with new solution categories into 2024. We've also expanded our specialty categories to recognize the contributions of hotel operators, solution providers, and individuals.


These awards recognize the winner's work in the last 18 months. Submissions can be self-nominated or nominated by a third party (including PR firms, agencies and vendor partners!).

See eligibility for additional information. 

Lifetime Achievement Award

For an individual that has made a significant impact on the industry through leadership, the successful application of innovative solutions and ideas, mentorship, and commitment to industry progress.

Eligibility: Open to any individual from a hotel operator or hotel technology solution provider with at least 15 years of experience in the hotel technology industry.

Rising Star Award

For any individual who has been working within the hotel technology industry for less than five years. Honors will go to those who are reimagining how things are done in hotels while demonstrating excellence in leadership, inventiveness, and skill at an early point in their career. 

Eligibility: Open to any individual from a hotel operator or hotel technology solution provider with no more than 5 years of experience in the hotel technology industry.

Partnership Award: Hotel & Vendor

This award is meant to honor the positive relationship between a hotelier and their solution provider as they worked together to create a technology solution. It is presented to a hotelier-vendor team that has demonstrated exceptional collaborative ideation and execution over the course of 12 months or longer. Nominees will be judged on criteria including:

  • Communication/Respectful Dialogue
  • Shared Goals/Vision
  • Problem Solving
  • Collaborative Ideation
  • Mutual Support
  • Flexibility and Adaptability

Eligibility: Both hoteliers and vendors may self-nominate for this award. If selected, both the named hotel brand and the named solution provider will receive an award.


Eligibility: Nominees in solution categories must be hotel operator brands (defined as corporate brands, property management firms and/or independent hotel companies).These awards recognize the winner's work in the last 18 months. Submissions can be self-nominated or nominated by a third party (including PR firms, agencies and vendor partners!).

Food & Beverage

For a technology initiative related to the ordering and delivery of food while on the premises, whether within a hotel restaurant or via room service. 


Guest Experience 

For the innovative use of technology to improve the guest experience during any phase of their journey: pre-, during, or post-stay. Examples could include guest-facing communication and engagement solutions, on-property way-finding, concierge and personalization solutions. 


Guestroom Technology

For technology initiatives that are specifically found within the guest room. This may include, but is not limited to, thermostats, televisions, tablets, voice assistants, etc.


Human Resources 

For innovations in the use of technology to empower, recruit, optimize or otherwise manage the on-property workforce (e.g., front desk, concierge, housekeeping, maintenance, valet, bellhop, wait staff). Areas can include but should not be limited to hiring, scheduling, tipping, payroll, training, workforce communications, etc.



For technologies that improve hotel operations across the enterprise and/or back-office applications. Technologies can include, but are not limited to, PMS, CRS, POS, network infrastructure, data & analytics, etc.


Revenue Management

For any technology initiative that optimizes, supports or relates to the distribution and pricing of room inventory.


Sales & Marketing

For innovations in the use of sales and/or marketing technology to boost brand awareness, customer satisfaction, occupancy, and/or revenue. Examples include customer relationship management (CRM), loyalty programs, email marketing campaigns, social media marketing, and upsell technology.



For a technology initiative that contributes to a hotel brand’s overall environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals. This can be at a corporate level or at a property level. Examples include improvements in food waste, energy conservation, and/or water conservation.